Reading Suggestions

Iowa Reads

Established in 2003, the All Iowa Reads program fosters a sense of unity through reading. Iowans are encouraged to come together in their communities to read and talk about a single book title in the same calendar year. All Iowa Reads consists of three categories, each with one title chosen per year: kids, ages 8-12; teens, ages 12-18; and adults. 

Junior Fiction:

Tumble by Celia Perez: From the award-winning author of The First Rule of Punk and Strange BirdsTumble tells the story of a young girl who collects the missing pieces of her origin story from the family of legendary luchadores she’s never met.

Teen Fiction:

Hollow Fires by Samira Ahmed: This powerful and gripping YA novel is about the insidious nature of racism, the terrible costs of unearthing hidden truths, and the undeniable power of hope.

Adult Fiction:

The Seed Keeper by Diane Wilson: The Seed Keeper is a haunting novel spanning several generations as it follows a Dakhóta family’s struggle to preserve their way of life and their sacrifices to protect what matters most.

Staff Picks

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