For Children

Story Time

Our cornerstone programming for kids happens every Wednesday from 10:30 to 11:00. Join us for a fun-filled half hour of themed books, along with an accompanying craft, game, song, or activity, and stick around afterward for free playtime. It's a fantastic way to teach children to love literature as they learn to play together.


Avoca Public Library is a proud partner of the StoryWalk®! Program. Running from North Elm to West Wool Street, the storybook path winds through Mez Buttermilk Flats Park behind the Sweet Vale of Avoca Museum. The StoryWalk is a great way to get outside and enjoy the Avoca park trails system while your kids fall in love with reading. A new book is posted along the walk each season, so be sure to check it out again and again, all year long.

Summer Reading

Our programming in June and July takes on a special theme each year, as we join the state library system to focus on a topical love of learning, living, and literature. The theme for 2024 will be "Read! Renew! Repeat!," with a focus on personal and environmental sustainability and resilience. Keep an eye out for all the pop-up programs and contents we tie to this topic. 

STEM Backpacks

Check out our STEM kits, which pair children's picture books with interactive materials to help young minds explore lessons in kinetics, nature, and a whole host of other science subjects. Perfect for homeschool curricula or any kid who's curious at heart. 

Interactive Play Space

Books are great, but kids also do a lot of their learning through open play and exploration. The back of the library features a large group gathering space with a crafting center and an assortment of toys that children can use to explore and flex their imaginations. 

Music Garden

In front of the library sits an interactive music garden. Though designed and intended for all ages, this garden offers cooped up kids a fabulous place to use their bodies and outside voices, as they create music on various artistically constructed percussive instruments. Halfway encircled by a short concrete and brick ledge, this space is perfect for picnics or enjoying the foot traffic and goings on of Avoca's Main Street.